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 As an African who is a appreciative of ‘foreign’ language films from around the world,  I was frustrated at the lack of easily available information on African films and film industries besides Nollywood (which I  enjoy),  I decided to start a blog in order to record my research into African Cinema so I can learn as well as share my finds with anyone who may be in the same position as me.

I encourage readers to comment and share, give links to any views, reviews or any knowledge on African Cinema. It would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. This blog is very enlightning and I am quiet relieved that I am not the only one searching for more academic work on African Cinema.

    There hasn’t been new academic work around, the lastest I beleive was in 2007. In this digital age, the world moves quickly.

    Access to films is quite limited as even the BFI doesnt have films from every country accross the continent.

    Working with Out of Africa I have a very strong interest in African arts. I am currently writing a dissertation on ‘Regaining Identity: African Cinema in the 21st Century’.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Comment by outofafricauk | November 24, 2009 | Reply

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